Hyperion to showcase game-changing materials for oil & gas industry at SPE Offshore 2019

Aug 15, 2019
Hyperion at SPE Offshore 2019

WORTHINGTON, Ohio — Hyperion Materials & Technologies will showcase an expanded portfolio of products and solutions and launch new high-performance tungsten carbide grades DZ07 and CR9C for the oil and gas industries September 3 to 6 at SPE Offshore Europe 2019 in Aberdeen, Scotland, U.K.

Hyperion, a global leader in developing hard and super-hard materials for the most demanding applications, continues to respond to the needs of upstream oil and gas companies as they explore ways to improve profitability during a period of low prices.

“One way oilfield service providers can enhance productivity and efficiency is by increasing the reliability and performance of the downhole tools,” explained Prasad K.V.D., Product Manager of Hyperion’s Mining, Oil & Gas business. “As the service providers try to drill wells faster and pump fluids at higher pressures, we partner with them to develop a wide range of high-performance components and sub-assemblies that solve these challenges in drilling, well completion and flow control.”

Hyperion has more than 60 years of experience manufacturing carbide, synthetic diamond and cubic boron nitride materials, and the company has been working with the oil and gas industry, including off-shore drillers, for decades. Hyperion also provides tailor-made solutions to specific problems, with a recent example being diamond-faced carbide valve and seat sub-assemblies used in a directional drilling tool for a major service provider.

Hyperion’s carbide grades excel in aggressive environments like those in the oil and gas industry, and the company will premiere new grades, DZ07 and CR9C, at SPE Offshore 2019.

“We developed DZ07 after careful consideration of customer inputs as they wanted a better balance of mechanical properties without compromising corrosion resistance,” said Ram Raghavan, Business Development Leader of Hyperion’s oil & gas business. “Both DZ07 and CR9C grades were tested in severe accelerated conditions, and they outperformed the incumbent grades. These new grades, with their superior properties, will offer enhanced performance particularly suited for demanding conditions of the future.”

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