Hyperion Materials & Technologies’ additive manufacturing methods help customer to develop patented wire die

Feb 28, 2022
An Image of three Vasenna Wire Die

Vassena Filiere, an Italian supplier of quality drawing dies and wire drawing equipment recently launched a new patented die for the metal forming industry. This new cemented carbide die was a result of the partnership with Hyperion Materials & Technologies. Our unique cemented carbide additive manufacturing capabilities and technical know-how sped development and allowed for testing of multiple prototypes.

The extra-long cone drawing die VBF.4 features an innovative design that optimizes lubrication, wear resistance and quality. This drawing die has a recess carved inside it as a pressure insert and is so unique Vassena Filiere could patent the design.  

“It was truly a technological challenge as we had to go outside of conventional manufacturing methods because it was a unique design,” said Héctor Ferrer, an Application Engineer for Hyperion’s Metal Forming team.

Hyperion develops solutions that benefit the metal forming industry, and the Hyperion-Vassena Filiere partnership has been driven by the common desire to manufacture high-quality products to serve customers worldwide.

Hyperion and Vassena Filiere collaborated to develop the VBF.4, which is just the latest product in a strategic partnership that spans more than 25 years.

To learn more about the development of this unique solution, download the complete Success Story by visiting the Wire Dies section of our website and using the "Request Brochures" link at the bottom of the page.