We want to buy your used cemented carbide for recycling

We want to buy your used cemented carbide for recycling!

What if your company was able to make more money while at the same time eliminating waste and helping the environment?  

Hyperion Materials & Technologies’ employees and customers have consistently named environmental sustainability as one of their top priorities and are always seeking ways to improve in those efforts. Being focused on the environment comes in many forms and can include anything from changing something small in your daily routine to making a complete lifestyle change. The same is true for a business when it comes to sustainability. Small process changes make an impact and can lead to greater efficiencies and transformations over time. 

One of the ways Hyperion and our customers create a positive impact on the environment is through our cemented carbide recycling program. Cemented carbide is one of the strongest and most durable materials on earth. Cemented carbide also has the advantage of being recyclable. Using recycled material minimizes the mining of nonrenewable resources, especially tungsten ore. It also reduces the large amounts of mining energy that would otherwise be needed to retrieve the tungsten ore.

Recycling process infographic

Where do we get the used carbide? You, our customers, and yes, we’ll even pay you for it! When you have depleted the use of your carbide, instead of throwing it away or letting it take up space, send the scrap to us. A simple sales agreement will be created, and we will even help arrange transportation if needed.  

Hyperion purchases all the following materials: cemented carbide tools and parts, production losses, and grinding sludge or filters. 

Join us in helping the environment and working toward a better future, together.  It all starts with us! 

Check out the easy steps it takes to help the environment here: https://www.hyperionmt.com/Services/Recycling/ 

Blasen Archibald
Blasen Archibald
Director of Strategic Sourcing & Procurement, Hyperion Materials & Technologies
Blasen's prior work experience has included Sourcing, Product Management, and Business Development for multinational corporations.
Marty England
Marty England
Category Manager- Carbide Rolling, Hyperion Materials & Technologies
Marty has 28 years’ worth of experience at Hyperion Materials & Technologies.