Hyperion’s First Joint Exhibition at EMO 2021

EMO is an international trade fair event with a focus on metal forming, metal cutting, and manufacturing. This year the event occurred October 4-9, 2021 in Milan, Italy. EMO 2021 featured approximately 700 exhibitors from over 34 countries and with nearly 110,000 visitors attending the event.

Hyperion, AFC Hartmetall and Sinter Sud's EMO 2021 booth Hyperion, AFC Hartmetall, and recently acquired Sinter Sud team members were proud to be a part of this exciting event and garner the opportunity to connect with current customers and nurture relations with future customers. 

With Hyperion’s recently announced acquisition of Sinter Sud in July, we are now able to deliver a more comprehensive portfolio of carbide rods sourced when you need it and where you need it. The products represent Hyperion’s dedication to continuing to design innovative technology to meet the changing market demands.

Our team also took the opportunity to speak at the Speakers Corner on Wednesday, October 6th. Clas Sjögren, Marketing Director at Hyperion Materials & Technologies, and Attilio Puggina, Sales Manager at Sinter Sud, took the viewing audience through an expert presentation focused to discuss our three brands and the value they offer to customers. 

“It was great to have all three brands represented in one place at EMO, especially given the recent acquisition of Sinter Sud in July. Our messaging of ‘better together’ means all three brands can deliver a full product portfolio, strong and stable supply chain all the while being a valued partner. That was really resonated Business Line Director of Carbide Rods.

For more about EMO Milan, watch our video recap of the event. Learn more about Hyperion Carbide Rods at https://www.hyperionmt.com/products/Carbide-rods/. See you in two years at EMO 2023!

Eduardo Favila
Eduardo Favila
Global Segment Manager, Carbide Rods, Hyperion Materials & Technologies
Eduardo manages the Carbide Rods product lines at Hyperion Materials & Technologies. He has more than 20 years of experience in new product development, strategic planning, and development of businesses worldwide.
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