Entering the professional world with my first internship

Starting a new position of any kind can bring on a whirlwind of emotions. You’re excited, nervous, hopeful, and much more. At the end of May, I started a position as a marketing intern at Hyperion Materials & Technologies. This is my first internship so multiply every emotion by 10 and that’s how I felt!

Once I arrived at Hyperion on my first day, a calm wave rushed over me. Everyone was so kind and welcoming. Three glasses of water were offered to me in the first five minutes of being in the building! This kindness was something I had been hopeful for, and once I received it, I knew this would be an enjoyable summer. 

Hyperion Worthington Headquarters during springtime (Hyperion Materials & Technologies' Worthington, Ohio, USA headquarters)

I wanted an internship for a few reasons. First, I wanted to see if I even liked marketing. Sure, classes can tell you how to market but they can’t really give you day-to-day marketing insights. Second, I wanted to see which aspects of marketing I enjoy and which I could happily never do again. Third, I wanted to meet professionals in the field and learn from them. There’s nothing more valuable than picking the brains of those with experience and absorbing all that they share. Finally, I’m in the Farmer School of Business at Miami University and to stay competitive with my class I wanted to get real marketing experience early. 

This internship was the perfect choice for me, as I accomplished all that I hoped. Since the start of the summer, I’ve worked closely with members inside and outside the marketing team and have worked on many diverse projects. Every new project is different from the last, keeping the work interesting.  

Recently I was tasked with what has been my favorite project thus far. I took complete reins over creating a radio ad and a video ad for our sponsorship of The Home Stretch 5K walk with the Worthington Resource Pantry. I have been able to express my creativity, push outside my comfort zone, and take responsibility for the completion of a large assignment. I really appreciate my team’s trust and confidence in my abilities to execute this project well.  

It’s hard to believe that I’m nearing the end of my summer internship. Whoever said “time flies” wasn’t kidding. I’m eager to bring my learnings from this internship into the classroom and continue to prepare for my professional future when I return to campus this fall. It has been an amazing summer so far, and I can’t wait to see what is to come. 

For those looking for a strong work community to begin or advance your career, I strongly encourage you to consider joining our Hyperion team. Explore a career with us here: Hyperion Careers. 


Hannah Cowan
Blog Contributor
Hannah Cowan is a blog contributor for Hyperion Materials & Technologies. She studied marketing and entrepreneurship at Miami University. For fun, Hannah likes to bake cookies, create art, be with family and friends, play basketball, and travel.