Reduce Production Time with Hyperion Power Skivers

March 14, 2022

Power skiving is a continuous cutting process that is multiple times faster than shaping and more flexible than broaching. Power skiving can be applied on special machines and modern 5-axis machining centers. More extensive power skiving is quickly becoming a reality with the rapid progress of more robust and rigid machines and synchronized spindles.

Hyperion Materials & Technologies manufactures solid carbide custom power skiving and shaper tools for the gear manufacturing industry. The cemented carbide grades and designs are tailored to our customers based on individual needs and requirements.

Here are the many advantages of Hyperion power skivers:

  • One set-up machining, which shortens production time, improves quality and reduces handling and logistics costs
  • Capable of machining close to shoulders, allowing greater freedom in component design
  • It runs very efficiently in dry conditions
  • Power skiving and shaper blanks are manufactured to fit each machine tool interface.
  • Significantly reduces total production time compared to processes with broaching, shaping, and hobbling
  • Manageable and predictable component machining
  • Power skiving tool blanks are available in industry-leading tungsten carbide grades such as H10F and H6F.


Power Skiving.png


When to use the power skiving process

Power skiving can be applied to both internal and external gears and splines and dedicated machines, multi-task machines, and machining centers, but it is incredibly productive for internal machining. As a result, the method works particularly well in mass production, where short lead times are decisive.

To learn more about power skiving, visit our web page.


Srinivas Vishweswaraiah
Srinivas Vishweswaraiah
Global Segment Manager, Inserts and Gears, Hyperion Materials & Technologies
Srini manages the Inserts and Gears product lines at Hyperion Materials & Technologies. He has more than 15 years of experience in new product development, strategic planning, and businesses worldwide.
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