My Summer Internship Reflection

When I was about to start my internship, I was excited for the journey, but at the same time, I was nervous as to what I’d be doing and who I’d be working with.

Looking back, I had no reason to be anxious. All of my supervisors were eager to help and always appreciative of what I was adding to the team. I initially started interning with Supply Chain and Logistics to help implement the department’s work on paying duties. 

I also was fortunate to be able to work with Hyperion’s Marketing department, which is what I’m studying at Florida State. I was excited to meet Hannah, the main marketing intern, and to learn what her experience has been like. 

I’m so grateful that I have been able to work on overlapping projects between the departments. Gaining experience in both areas has been fascinating, and it’s been interesting to see how different parts of a company work and how they can overlap.  

I’ve helped Hyperion with its search engine optimization (SEO) to improve internet search results. I’ve worked on Google ads and implemented co-branding packaging. I have valued being able to work on projects that will help me excel in my career after I graduate. 

Learning how to work on SEO has been interesting since I was able to go behind the scenes of a website and learn how to improve it. 

When I learned that I would be running some of my own meetings, I was apprehensive at first, thinking of worst-case scenarios. However, after some preparation and reviewing what I needed to go over, it was not as scary I made it out to be.  

It has been a unique experience getting to work with both departments that I was brought on to help. I have gathered many tools that I will be able to take with me into my next job. Hyperion has taught me what I value in a company and what I will look for; I feel they truly value their employees. 

Olivia Williams
Blog Contributor
Olivia Williams attends Florida State University. She interned at Hyperion Materials & Technologies during summer 2021.