Recycling Cemented Carbide

At Hyperion, we are serious about sustainability and our efforts to minimize our impact on the environment. One way we are making a difference is by offering the cemented carbide recycling program to our customers.

Hyperion wants to purchase your used cemented tungsten/wolfram carbide tools and cutters to be chemically recycled and converted into production raw materials for future products. The use of recycled material also minimizes the mining activity of nonrenewable resources, mainly tungsten ore.

Hyperion maintains full control over our comprehensive recycling process. We can assure our customers that the entire process adheres to Hyperion's environmental policy and is certified in accordance to ISO standards. Customers are also guaranteed that our recycling process produces pure raw materials that are of equal quality to mined ore materials – there is no quality loss. The majority of our customers include sustainability and environmental performance in their corporate strategy. Our cemented carbide recycling program makes it easy for customers to improve their environmental performance and stewardship.


Some of the benefits to recycling with Hyperion

  • Total service solution from new to recycled product through one sales contact
  • Transportation from most markets will be arranged by Hyperion
  • All cemented carbide material accepted
  • Clear and competitive pricing structure in local currency