Packaging and Shipping Guidelines

Your recycled carbide will be picked up and delivered by truck. It is important to package it securely to prevent spillage and damage during the shipment.

THe preferred method is using steel drums strapped to wooden pallets. Some products, such as hot rolls, rotary cutters, or grinding filters, may require special packaging or variations to this process. Wooden crates may be the best option. Please verify with your salesperson or recycling specialist.

Packaging Material Required

  • Wooden pallets
  • Steel drums
  • Steel banding
  • Top wood sheeting
  • Plastic shrink wrap (optional)

Process checklist

  • Each drum is labeled with the correct lot number
  • Old labels are removed or painted over
  • Drums have tight fitting lids and lock rings
  • Pallets are in good condition and strong enough for load
  • Load is centered and evenly balanced
  • Packing list includes the number of pieces and gross/tare weights of each
  • Weight per drum does not exceed 250 kg / 600 lb (less than 75% full)
  • Weight per pallet does not exceed 2000 kg / 4400 lb

Document checklist

  • Packing list (created by customer to include list of each container and weight)
  • Lot number label (provided by Hyperion)
  • Freight bill of lading (provided by Hyperion)
  • Annex VII form (Europe only, provided by Hyperion)