Let Hyperion recycle your cemented carbide products

Recycling cemented carbide

Did you know that your products containing cemented carbide (also known as tungsten carbide (WC) and solid carbide) can be recycled? Recycling used carbide is a critical activity, and Hyperion Materials & Technologies is a market leader.

Because tungsten is a scarce and finite raw material, recycling becomes even more of a necessity. Mined earth only contains 0.3% to 0.5% tungsten before processing. As an example, 15 tons of mined earth is needed to yield the same amount of tungsten as when recycling just 70 kg of carbide. Recycling 1.2 kg of scrap will return 1 kg of carbide.

We used controlled, environmentally friendly, and certified processes that ensure the new materials are identical to the one's produced from mined ore, with the same superior quality, batch after batch.

Recycling carbide is not only good for the environment; it is also good for your business. We pay a competitive market price for your used tools and products, ensuring they stay in our supply chain and are always recycled back to raw materials in a controlled and responsible way. Customers convert their worn tools and parts, production losses, grinding sludge or filters*, regardless of their origin, into a source of income.

We provide an easy-to-use service where transportation to the recycling facility is arranged and paid for. We make it easy for you. When you are ready to participate, simply contact your Hyperion Representative and follow these steps:


Recycling cemented carbide

* Some restrictions apply, and not all products can be recycled in all regions. Contact your Hyperion Representative for feasibility.