The science of recycling cemented tungsten carbide

Hyperion uses a chemical recycling process that is the most comprehensive method available.Tungsten carbide and cobalt are chemically separated from other materials, and all of their unique characteristics, such as grain size, are erased. The tungsten is converted back to the ammonium para-tungstate (APT) form, an early point in the cemented carbide manufacturing process.

This APT from recycling is then merged with APT from the ore supply stream (known as virgin material) before the next steps of the manufacturing process occur. As a result, there is one uniform output of high quality cemented carbide, not two separate ones. This is an important point and a true indication of how recycled materials cannot be viewed differently from mined materials in regards to quality.

The two processes can be compared on efficiency and environmental impact. Creating new products from recycled material rather than mined ore uses up to 70% less energy and emits up to 40% less carbon dioxide!

tungsten carbide