Automotive components

Extreme work conditions, tailor-made properties

Application of Hyperion's carbide grades in automotive


Cemented carbide was not commonly perceived as an automotive material. In reality, cemented carbide and cermets offer a wide range of properties making them very well suited for the new challenges of the automotive industry. Carbide components have been developing and supplying solutions for the automotive industry for decades. Cemented carbide, related cermets, and carbide components provide the automotive industry tailored solutions from carbide tools to a wide variety of automotive applications.

Cemented carbide is already successfully used in a variety of automotive applications such as fuel pumps, fuel injectors, compressors, and valve trains. With pressures commonly reaching 1600 bars and planned to rise shortly to 2000 bars and higher, cemented carbide brings many valuable properties to these applications.

Cemented carbide provides resistance to high temperatures, corrosive environments, high compressive stress, fatigue, and many other harsh conditions.