Metal forming tools

Metal forming tools supply a wide range of applications

Carbide for metal forming tools


Back-relief angle and bearing geometry are the key factors in achieving rapid die finishing and the optimum die performance. In particular for the smallest bores, drawing and exit cones must be perfectly co-axial in order to achieve an accurate final geometry. With cemented carbide, one can manufacture tools and drawing nibs for the full range of wire drawing applications such as high-carbon wire, steel cord for rubber reinforcement, bead wire, welding wire, stainless steel wire, spring wire, etc.

Many years of experience and commitment to research and development enables Hyperion to offer a range of cemented carbide grades to meet the drawing requirements for all applications.

Grade H3F contains 3% cobalt and has a true sub-micron WC grain size. It is the benchmark for leading edge wet drawing of tire cord wire. Hyperion continually develops new grades and materials in order to offer improved performance to the industry.