PCB drill blanks

Extremely fine grain sizes for the smallest holes

Small PCB drill blanks


The progressive miniaturization of printed circuit board (PCB) design requires ever smaller cutting tools in order to meet performance requirements in terms of wear resistance, rigidity, and toughness.

Today the trend is miniaturization: digital cameras, laptops, and mobile phones become smaller and should include more features. To be able to meet this demand, the PCB manufacturers need to drill more and smaller holes (less than 0.1 mm). Cemented carbide components and carbide tools can develop spindles with increasing rpm, to facilitate the use of very small drills and to increase productivity.

The grades for the PCB drill blanks industry have been developed through an extensive research program that utilizes an entirely new patented cemented carbide processing technology. This new process ensures that the tungsten carbide (WC) grain size is maintained within narrow limits and that the cobalt (Co) binder phase is distributed in such a way as to fully maximize strength and toughness at all hardness levels.