Rings and bushing

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Cemented carbide rings and bushings


Wear resistance, toughness, corrosion resistance, and resistance to thermal shock are the key material properties required for long-lasting, all-perfect pump function.

The unique combination of all these material characteristics has made cemented carbide the most widely used material in tools such as pump seals and bearing in the sewage, mining, and process sectors. Moreover, there is further potential to tailor cemented carbide for a vast range of environmental applications.

Hyperion grades offer a complete set of properties:

  • Excellent hardness / toughness compromise guarantees outstanding wear, erosion, and shock resistance
  • Robust surface
  • Low friction coefficient and high mechanical strength
  • High thermal conductivity and superior thermal resistance
  • Resistant to handling and easy to assemble
  • Support brazing, mechanical assembling, shrink fitting, press fitting, and gluing.