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Cemented carbide wear parts from Hyperion


Cemented carbide components are improving the productivity of applications in metal-cutting, mining, mineral and civil engineering, agriculture, food processing, and textiles, just to name a few.

The aerospace industry above all others demands exceptional performance with the highest level of operational reliability. Cemented carbide is chosen for such demanding applications as bearing parts for helicopters, fuel pumps, and hydraulic components in jet engines. Cemented carbide components are also chosen to resist the wear experienced in many aspects of food processing. Carbide nozzles and homogenizers are used in the dairy and beverage sectors, carbide crusher parts are used for cocoa production, and cutting knives are used in a variety of food processing applications.

Another use of cemented carbide is recycling, transforming old scrap into secondary raw materials that can be fed back into the manufacturing process. Hyperion Materials & Technologies provides cemented carbide parts for recycling machines. This ensures a long life on components used to crush waste glass, wood, plastic, rubber, paper, etc.

Although wear parts can be found in a very diverse range of industrial and domestic sectors, they all have one thing in common: the critical need for resistance to impact, corrosion, and wear.