Punch Solutions

Many canmakers regard the bodymaker punch as the key to performance of the can plant. Hyperion supplies a full range of cemented carbide grades to solve any application and working condition can tooling needs.

  Cemented Carbide Grades
Standard Premium
S385 H12N S323 DZ10 DZ18
Density Standard (~14.5 g/cm3)

-15% lighter

Magnetic Carbide NO YES YES YES YES

Sencon Short Can Sensor**

(Aluminum can)

487 PDP




487 PDP 03/63, 387SCT, 287-63, 287-03
Toughness StarStarStar StarStarStar StarStarStar StarStar StarStar
Resistance to: Abrasion Star Star Star StarStarStar StarStarStar
Corrosion StarStar Star StarStar StarStarStar StarStar
Tool life 1x Standard (10 ~ 15 million cans/rework) 2x ~ 3x 2x ~ 4x

** Sencon Short Can Sensor for steel can 267-03.


Your Hyperion sales person can offer their expertise in selecting the punch solution best suited to solve your can tooling needs.