Rotary Cutter Accessories

Hyperion rotary cutter frame accessories

Hyperion Materials & Technologies can supply a full range of accessories for cutters, anvil, and complete cutting units suitable to each rotary cutter model and to specific line processes.


This includes:

  • Felts, scrapers, and oil rollers (with optional remote controlled system) for the proper cleaning of cutter and anvil while running
  • Shock absorbers to prevent damages to cutter and anvil due to rebounds during production caused by web control issues (misalignment, web desynchronization, thick parts going through the tools, etc.)
  • Tuned mass damper system to increase cutter and anvil lifetime
  • Web deflectors to prevent the web going through the bearer rings
  • Air manifolds with easy and quick removal for cleaning
  • Vacuum pipes and dead plates system suitable for perfect trim removal and product flow
  • Air pressure regulator system for accurate pressure control
  • Plexiglass protection to increase operator’s safety and prevent damage to tools.

For MODULAR frame design, some accessories can be quickly available with a plug and play design. Other accessories can be designed specific to customer needs.

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Your Hyperion sales person can help you select the rotary cutter solution best suited to solve your needs.