Versimax™ Nozzles


The high abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and flexibility in manufacturing complex shapes make Hyperion's Materials & Technologies' Versimax an ideal choice for demanding nozzle applications. Nozzle lifetime, and cost per unit produced, can be increased substantially by incorporating Versimax diamond composite in the high wear areas in tungsten carbide, ceramic, or other wear resistant nozzles. The examples below illustrate the potential for overall cost savings using Versimax in highly erosive applications.


De-sulfurization of flue gas in coal-fired power plants


versimax nozzle

In many US power plants that burn high sulfur coal, sulfur is removed from the flue gas stream in order prevent environmental damage caused by acidification of rainwater. Sulfur is captured by spraying a water-based lime slurry, which is abrasive and highly corrosive, into the flue gasses. Atomizer spraying nozzles are typically made from boron carbide and are a frequent replacement maintenance item. To determine potential for longer life and cost savings, atomizer nozzles were fabricated from Versimax and incorporated in the atomizer disc by heat shrink fitting them within a Titanium alloy sleeve.

The nozzles were run side-by-side in normal operating conditions for three months, the regular maintenance interval. A picture comparing a Versimax and boron carbide nozzles is shown at left. The boron carbide nozzle is badly eroded through at the outlet and has significant wear at the inlet. The Versimax nozzle has virtually no wear at the outlet, and even retains the original sharp edges at the inlet. Versimax nozzles have remained in service for over 2 years, with plenty of lifetime remaining.





Laboratory measurement of slurry erosion resistance

The wear rate of a nozzle material can be measured using the Coriolis slurry erosion method. The technique simulates the motion of fine particulate slurries and their low angle interaction with the surfaces of nozzles and other material handling equipment. The measurement returns a Relative Erosion Resistance (RER) value, representing the volume of material removed relative to a control material (1018 mild steel).

Material Description Hardness (HV) RER RER/RERWC
High chomium, high carbon white iron 860 6 0.1
Tungsten carbide with 3.3 weight % colbalt 2300 59 1
Versimax 4000 1003 17

In order to evaluate the erosion resistance of Versimax, Coriolis slurry erosion measurements were carried out on a selection of well-known and widely used wear resistant materials, using 80 mesh silicon carbide (SiC) as the abrasive particle. The results in the table above show Versimax benefits: performance 17 times that of a highly abrasion resistant, low colbalt tungsten carbide grade, and erosion resistance 170 times that of a hard and wear resistant iron alloy.


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