Compacts for Drill Bits

Hyperion cemented carbide ballistic drill bits

Hyperion Materials & Technologies manufactures premium cemented carbide compacts in a range of grades with combination of toughness and hardness to offer the best drilling performance for tricone and hybrid drill bits.  The properties of each compact are designed by tailoring the carbide chemistry and microstructure to deliver the best performance in impact, abrasion, oxidation, and thermal fatigue (causing snake skin).


We offer a wide range of sizes and shapes including chisel, hemispherical, parabolic, conical, wedge, and serrated cemented carbide compacts based on customer drill bit design requirement.  Hyperion, with its lean manufacturing setup, is able to quickly design and develop press tooling, manufacture in a state-of-the-art production facility, and deliver with short lead times high quality cemented carbide compacts.


Hyperion offers assistance in cemented carbide grade selection for compacts based on the drill bit application needs. We have a large cemented carbide grade offering with precisely mapped out property values in terms of fracture toughness and wear number to ensure you use the best grade for your application.



Your Hyperion sales person can offer their expertise in selecting the products best suited to solve your needs.


Did you know you can recycle your cemented carbide with Hyperion?  Visit our recycling page or contact us for details.


*Cemented carbide is also known as solid carbide and tungsten carbide (WC).