Borazon® CBN Resin Bond Systems


Hyperion Materials & Technologies manufactures numerous cubic boron nitride (CBN) crystal coatings and surface treatments to enhance crystal retention and performance characteristics. In addition to resin bond systems, Hyperion also offers:


Borazon® CBN 560
(Density 5.25 g/cm3; coating level 60%)

Borazon CBN 560 is the product of coating microcrystalline Borazon CBN 550 with nickel. It is ideally suited for applications where very high grinding forces are encountered. Superior surface finishes are achieved with the use of Borazon CBN 560. Areas where Borazon CBN 560 is most effective are​ hardened tool and alloy steel and cast irons.​ 


Borazon® CBN 520
(Density 5.8 g/cm3; coating level 70%)


520, which has a Borazon CBN 500 base with an advanced two-part coating. It is extremely effective where wheel life and/or form retention are critical. This product provides grinding ratios two to three times that of other resin-bonded CBN products, with only minimal increases in grinding energy.​ Heavy-duty resin bond applications benefit from the design of Borazon CBN


Borazon® CBN 420
(Density 5.4 g/cm3; coating level 60%)
This product is made up of a special coating chemically bonded to Borazon CBN 400 for resin bond applications. Borazon CBN 420 provides increased retention of CBN crystal, longer production life, and more consistent performance. It is designed to provide up to twice the life of other CBN products while generating lower grinding forces and less heat in large contact area applications.​


Borazon® CBN 415
(Density 5.25 g/cm3; coating level 60%)
The advanced two-part coating provides chemical bonding of the coating to the Borazon CBN 400 crystal for increased retention of the crystal in resin bond systems. This results in longer wheel life while the sharp edges of each Borazon CBN 400 crystal provide free-cutting for lower grinding energy.​


Borazon® CBN 1200
(Density 5.35 g/cm3; coating level 60%)
Borazon CBN 1200 has an advanced two-part coating applied to the Borazon CBN 1000 crystal. This combination of technologies yields an unusually high level of performance in today's resin improved surface finish are all made possible at the same time with this superabrasive product.​


Borazon® CBN Type II
(Density 5.25 g/cm3; coating level 60%)
Borazon CBN Type II is a nickel-coated version of Borazon CBN Type I.  The nickel coating provides superior performance in phenolic and polyimide resin bonds. Textured coating enhances crystal retention and extracts heat from the grinding interface. Borazon CBN Type II is the benchmark for performance in CBN used for resin-bonded tools.​


Borazon® CBN Type III
(Density 5.5 g/cm3; coating level 65%)
Borazon CBN Type III is the nickel-coated version of Borazon CBN Type I. The 65% coating level provides extra retention in many resin bond systems.

Borazon® CBN SP2S
(Density 5.10 g/cm3; coating level 60%)
Borazon CBN SP2S is a general purpose crystal suitable for a wide variety of applications in ferrous alloys. It has 60% weight nickel coating to enhance crystal retention in resin bond grinding wheels.​​​​

Your Hyperion sales person can offer their expertise in selecting the mesh CBN best suited to solve your needs.


Hyperion also manufactures a range of micron CBN powders and micron diamond powders as well as high quality mesh diamonds.