RVG® Diamond Coatings


Hyperion Materials & Technologies continues to be recognized as the premier coating expert for industrial diamond grinding products. A variety of high-tech coatings is offered to enhance diamond performance. The success results from the combination of first grade crystals and a superior coating technology.



Nickel coating is recommended for use in phenolic resin bonds and polyimide bonding systems to improve the mechanical retention characteristics of the diamond, grinding wheel life, and surface finish.

Spike nickel coating provides an extremely spiked surface texture and achieves superior retention of RVG diamond. Excellent heat dissipation allows for aggressive material removal rates.



Copper coating provides improved chemical adhesion as well as mechanical retention of RVG diamond. It is very effective in dry grinding applications by transferring the heat from the cutting zone to the rim of the wheel.



Silver shows the best thermal conductivity of all coating materials. The spike silver coating not only enhances bond retention but adds lubricity and dissipates heat away from the grinding zone. Grinding wheels using silver coating prove successful in applications where straight oil coolants are used.


Hyperion RVG diamond types of coatings

Your Hyperion sales person can offer their expertise in selecting the man-made or synthetic RVG diamond and coating best suited to solve your needs.


Hyperion also manufactures MBG Diamonds for demanding grinding applications and MBS Diamonds for sawing and drilling applications as well as high quality micron diamonds.