MBG® Diamond High Friability

Hyperion MBG 610 diamond

Hyperion Materials & Technologies manufactures high friability diamonds, including MBG® 600 and MBG 300. These diamonds are friable and with angular shapes that can be customized for any application.



MBG 600 diamond

MBG® 600 Diamond

MBG 600 diamond crystals are sharp and angular with excellent friability. Enhanced surface roughness guarantees excellent bond retention. Impact crystal strength and eccentricity values range between those of MBG 610 and MBG 300 diamonds. Ideally suited for electroplated tool applications such as fired tungsten carbide grinding, metal bond honing of chlorine cylinders, and dental burs.


MBG 300 diamond MBG® 300 Diamond

MBG 300 diamond crystals are the most friable and angular shaped in the MBG diamond series. It is designed for low dynamic load applications that require fast regeneration of sharp cutting edges. MBG 300 diamond is effective in both metal and resin bond systems and is highly recommended for low impact/ high contact area processing such as rubber cut-off grinding wheels, resin bond stone polishing tools, solid polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) grinding, and gem stone scaifing.


Your Hyperion sales person can offer their expertise in selecting the MBG diamond and coating best suited to solve your needs.


Hyperion also manufactures MBS Diamonds for sawing and drilling applications and RVG Diamonds for grinding non-ferrrous materials as well as high quality micron diamonds.