MBG® Diamond Medium Toughness and Friability

Hyperion MBG 620 diamond

Hyperion Materials & Technologies manufactures medium toughness and friability diamonds, including MBG® 620 and MBG 610. These diamonds exhibit facets and surface toughness that can be customized for any application.

MBG 620 diamond

MBG® 620 Diamond

MBG 620 diamond has both well-formed crystal facets and regions of increased surface toughness, which yields good bulk strength plus enhanced thermal stability. It is ideal for applications where free cutting tools are a requirement. Work piece burn and edge chipping in brittle materials are minimized. This product is highly recommended for flat glass beveling, edge grinding, pencil edging and seaming, and cut-off wheels for crystal and glass.

MBG® 610 Diamond

MBG 610 diamond

MBG 610 diamond crystals show a degree of surface roughness higher than that of MBG 620 diamond crystals. Increased friability and sharp cutting edges make this product most suitable for metal bond systems. Excellent results have been proven in applications like grinding of glass, quartz, and carbide; less severe pencil edging; semi-finishing of flat glass; beveling of furniture glass and mirrors; cut-off wheel grinding for glass and quartz, and grinding of ferrite.


Your Hyperion sales person can offer their expertise in selecting the MBG diamond and coating best suited to solve your needs.

Hyperion also manufactures MBS Diamonds for sawing and drilling applications and RVG Diamonds for grinding non-ferrrous materials as well as high quality micron diamonds.