Coatings for Micron Diamonds


Hyperion Materials & Technologies' coated micron diamonds were developed specifically for improved crystal retention in fixed bond systems. Coated man-made or synthetic crystals improve thermal dissipation and are subject to fewer pull outs compared to uncoated crystals. Hyperion's coated diamonds are recognized as the premium choice for enhanced performance.


Coated Micron Diamonds

Nickel Coating

Nickel coating is recommended for use in phenolic and polyimide resin bond systems to improve the mechanical retention of the diamond, thereby enhancing tool life and workpiece surface finish. Nickel coating is available in either 56 wt % or 30 wt %.

Titanium Coating

Titanium coating provides oxidation resistance, significantly improving tool life and enhancing wettability allowing for increased diamond protrusions. These coatings are very effective in metal bond systems, and there is no deterioration of the diamond surface or strength when the titanium is applied to the crystals. The percent of titanium is dependent upon the crystal size and ranges from 7 wt % to 25 wt %.

Copper Coating

Copper coating provides improved chemical adhesion as well as mechanical retention of the diamond crystal. It is very effective in dry grinding applications by conducting heat away from the cutting zone. Copper coating is available in 50 wt %.



Coating Specifications

Premium Grades






Standard Grade





  Nickel Titanium Copper
56% Ni 30% Ni 7%  to 25% Ti (size dependant) 50% Cu


Your Hyperion sales person can offer their expertise in selecting the metal bond or resin bond micron diamond powder best suited to solve your needs.

Hyperion also manufactures a range of high quality mesh diamonds as well as mesh and micron cubic boron nitride (CBN).