Blanks for Oil & Gas

Hyperion Materials & Technologies' cemented carbide (also known as solid carbide and tungsten carbide (WC)) manufacturing and engineering systems are designed to meet the dynamic demands of new product development for the oil and gas industry.

A key feature of cemented carbide is the potential to vary its composition so that the resulting physical and chemical properties ensure maximum resistance to wear, deformation, fracture corrosion, and oxidation. Our system allows for rapid prototyping of customer designs to help create a lean manufacturing environment.

Hyperion offers a variety of cemented carbide products for the oil & gas and mining industries.


Chisel inserts

Our product range covers customer specials and standard geometries where existing tools can be utilized. The chisel geometry in conjunction with grade technology will improve insert strength and minimize insert breakage.



Flat geometry inserts

Flat geometry inserts and stabilizers are used to reduce wear on the steel legs of roller cone drill bits, diamond-enhanced bits, and down hole stabilizers. Shapes can be manufactured to customer specifications or in a standard option where tooling is available.


Hemispheric button inserts

Hemispheric buttons can be a full radius used in formations of medium hardness in both roller cone drills and percussive hammer bits. They can also be manufactured with a larger nose radius, which are used for cutting in roller cone and percussive applications where extra strength is required. This large radius is also used in stabilizers and roller reamer applications for hard rock formations.



Hyperion provides a full range of mud nozzles for fixed cutter (PDC) and roller cone bits. Our nozzles are custom-designed to meet stringent customer specifications, and our wide grade offering provides long-lasting performance for even the most aggressive applications.


Parabolic and conical inserts

Parabolic and conical inserts are used in medium hard to hard formations in roller cone and percussive hammer bits. They can be customer specific or standard geometries where tooling exists.



Sculptured inserts

Hyperion's design and manufacturing capabilities can meet the requirements of complex, customized geometries and dynamic demands that are used in roller cone bits where high penetration rates are required in soft rock formations.



Serrated inserts

Similar to the flat geometry inserts, serrated stabilizers are used to prevent wear on the steel surfaces such as the legs of roller cone bits. The advantage of using this type of insert is that the location pocket does not need precision drilling.



Stabilizer blanks

Stabilizer blanks are used as wear-resistant parts for maintaining drilling accuracy.




Substrate materials

Substrate materials for PCD-enhanced inserts are manufactured to specific customer designs that have high tolerances on dimensional and metallurgical properties. They utilize complex interface geometries that can help the finished bit sustain higher impacts without damage.


Wedge crested inserts

This type of insert is predominantly used in the outer or gauge row on roller cone drilling bits. The wedge design increases the insert strength.

Cemented Carbide Grades

Hyperion's cemented carbide grades are designed to promote drilling efficiencies that have a direct impact on rates of penetration in a variety of rock formations. Our extensive grade offering can meet the application demands of hard or soft formations, abrasive sands, sticky and heavy shales, porous chalks, and other properties that influence bit performance.


Your Hyperion sales person can offer their expertise in selecting the products best suited to solve your needs.