Carbide Supported BZN® Compacts


Hyperion Materials & Technologies manufactures a complete line of high quality polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) products for machining ferrous materials. BZN® Compacts consist of the finest Borazon® CBN particles sintered and integrally bonded to a cemented carbide substrate or produced as solid PCBN products.

The products are designed to deliver maximum productivity in specific applications. BZN® Compacts excel on cast irons, hardened steel, powdered metal, hard facing alloys, and superalloys. They are commonly used in the automotive, aerospace, heavy machining, die and mold, and medical industries.

Benefits of Carbide Supported BZN Compacts



CBN Content (%)


BZN 6000

- High abrasion resistance

- Wear resistance

- Excellent edge quality and retention

- Superior impact strength

- Produces fine surface finishes


- Severe interrupted cuts

- Pearlitic gray cast iron

- Tool and die steels

- Hard facing alloys

- Sintered alloys

- Finishing of Ni- and Co-based superalloys

- Turning of sintered carbide (>16% Co content)

BZN 9100

- Excellent impact resistance

- Good chemical stability


- Continuous to interrupted cuts

- Cast iron

- Powder metal alloys

- Tool steel milling

BZN 9500

- Improved microstructural homogeneity

- Superior impact resistance

- Improved wear and toughness compared to that of BZN 9100

- Consistent and repeatable performance

- Excellent cutting-edge quality and retention


- Continuous to Interrupted cuts

- Cast iron

- Powder metal alloys

- Cylinder liner boring

- Gear turning

- Milling of hardened steel

- Turning of sintered carbide (>16% Co content)


- Complementary grade to BZN 9500

- Enhanced wear properties compared to that of BZN 9500


- Powder metal applications where carbide content is lower

- Continuous to medium interrupted cuts

BZN 9000

- Excellent abrasion resistance

- Good chemical stability


- Excellent in machining of ductile iron

- Powder metal applications where carbide content is lower

- Continuous to lightly interrupted cuts


- Excellent chemical stability

- Impact resistant

- Provides excellent surface finishes


- Sintered metals with high alloy content

- Exhaust and intake valve machining

- Continuous cuts


- Superior chemical wear resistance

- Excellent surface finishes


- High speed continuous turning (finishing)

- Case hardened steels @ 220 m/min or greater


- Excellent chemical and abrasion

- Wear resistance

- Excellent surface finishes

- Exceptionally long tool life

- Improved impact resistance compared to that of HPT130


- Continuous to slightly interrupted cuts

- Case hardened steels

- Thru hardened steels

- Typical speeds @ 180 m/min or greater


- Excellent balance of flank and crater wear resistance

- Good chipping resistance

- Suitable for both wet and dry conditions


- Continuous to mild interrupted turning

- Hardened steel and cold work tool steels

- Typical speeds @ 100 - 175 m/min


- Superior edge toughness

- Good flank and crater wear resistance

- Suitable for both roughing and finishing cuts


- Continuous to medium interruption

- Hardened steels

- Powder metal machining

- CV joint applications (milling and turning)

- Typical speeds @ 140 - 220 m/min


Your Hyperion sales person can offer their expertise in selecting the PCBN product best suited to solve your needs.