PCBN Overview


Hyperion Materials & Technologies manufactures a complete line of high quality polycrystalline CBN (PCBN) products. BZN® Compacts consist of the finest Borazon® CBN particles sintered and integrally bonded to a cemented carbide substrate or produced as solid PCBN products.


The products are designed to deliver maximum productivity in specific applications. BZN Compacts excel on cast irons, hardened steel, powdered metal, hard facing alloys, and superalloys. They are commonly used in the automotive, aerospace, heavy machining, die and mold, and medical industries.

BZN Compacts tool blanks and inserts are supplied in tungsten carbide (WC)-supported and solid PCBN forms. This product line is designed to provide significantly increased tool life, consistent surface finish, and dimensional control. As a result, overall part costs and savings in the total manufacturing operation are achieved. You will find significant gains in productivity by using BZN Compacts for your ferrous material machining requirements. BZN Compacts tool blanks and inserts are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and grades for fabrication into finished high-performance tools.

Polycrystalline CBN products:


Your Hyperion sales person can offer their expertise in selecting the PCBN product best suited to solve your needs.