Diamond Compounds

Hyperion diamond compound syringes

Hyperion Materials & Technologies manufactures an assortment of water and oil soluble diamond compounds.  We combine man-made or synthetic monocrystalline diamonds or polycrystalline diamond (PCD) powder with high viscosity lubricating liquids with stabilizers to create the compound solution for your needs.  Follow the five easy steps below to select your Hyperion diamond compound solution.


  1. Select a diamond
  2. Select a concenteration (light, medium, or heavy)
  3. Select the formulation (solubility)
  4. Select the container type (tube {syringe} or jar)
  5. Select the container size


Diamond Powder Description Application
SJK-5  A monocrystal diamond powder Lapping
RJK-1  A multi-crystal diamond, more friable than a monocrystal diamond Lapping, polishing
Poly  Polycrystalline diamond available in sizes < 10 microns Polishing
Natural Natural diamond available in a variety of sizes Gem polishing


Product Formulation Recommended Uses
K700 Water soluble (WS) - For use where exceptional cleaning is required and where petroleum contamination is prohibited. Specimen prep applications command this product.  Used in specimen preparation and cross section analysis 
K210 Oil soluble (OS) - Recommended for controlled lapping of carbide drawing dies, cold heading dies, and other polishing applications.  Primarily used in mold and die polishing
G400 Water/oil soluble (WOS) - Compliments the use of oil as well as water for achieving more productive results and facilitating cleaning.  Used where corrosion must be minimized but where oil cannot be tolerated 


Compound Package Types and Sizes

Tube Sizes (g) Jar Sizes (g)
5 5
10 25
18 50
25 100
50 200


Micron diamond compound tube details



Recommended compounds


K700 WS
This product is a water soluble compound that is recommended for use when exceptional cleaning is required, when petroleum contamination is prohibited, or specimen preparation is needed.


K210 OS
K210OS is an oil soluble compound that is recommended for controlled lapping for carbide drawing dies and cold heading dies. It can also be used for numerous polishing applications.


G400 WOS
This product is a water and oil soluble compound that compliments the use of oil and water for achieving more productive results and facilitates better cleaning than oil soluble only.


Your Hyperion sales person can offer their expertise in selecting the diamond compound best suited to solve your needs.