All Compax® Brand Protection Label


All Compax® are polycrystalline diamond, but not all polycrystalline diamond are Compax®. Compax® is one of the leading brands in the industry and is rated as a premium product in the wire drawing industry. The unique material properties provide very good abrasion resistance and the ability to achieve quality surface finish. Hyperion is committed on preventing counterfeiting to ensure its customers receive genuine Compax®. Compax® refers to the polycrystalline diamond manufactured by Hyperion. Die blanks used in the wire drawing industry are made from Compax®.

Make sure it's an authentic Compax®


Now you can verify if the wire dies you ordered have real Compax® inside:

  • Look for the genuine sticker with the Certilogo Code (CLG Code)
  • Scan the QR Code with web app or type CLG Code into website
  • Verify proof of authenticity.