Polishing Wire Drawing Dies


A combination of premium diamond powder and superior lubricants make up the Hyperion Materials & Technologies compounds, slurries, and suspensions product offering. These products are the ideal answer for finishing wire die surfaces and can be custom formulated for your wire drawing conditions.

Diamond for compound manufacturing

  • Standard size offerings range from 0.5 microns to 80 microns (mean size)
  • Available in metal or resin bond grades
  • Sold in 50 to 5,000 carat containers
  • Custom particle size distributions are available.



Diamond compounds (ready-to-use)

  • Diamond powder and carrier (chemical formulation)
  • Available in metal, resin, poly, or natural diamond
  • Heavy, medium, and light diamond concentrations
  • Sold in syringes or jars
  • Water, oil, and water/oil (universal) formulations available
  • Custom formulations available.


Visit our Wire Dies page for additional information.

Your Hyperion sales person can offer their expertise in selecting the wire die product best suited to solve your needs.