Versimax™ Diamond Composite

Versirion and Versimax die blanks

Hyperion Materials & Technologies manufactures Versimax, a ceramic-bonded diamond composite with exceptional wear resistance, mechanical strength, and high temperature performance. Our Versimax family of products includes die blanks (nibs) for:

  • Wire drawing
  • Wire stranding
  • Bunching
  • Compacting applications


Versimax wire die blanks are self-supported and do not have cemented carbide support rings. They are available in custom sizes and shapes and are prepared according to customer specifications.

Both simple shapes (cylinders, rectangular, triangular prisms, etc.) and more complicated geometries (conical shapes, hollow cylinders, negative features, etc.) can be produced.

Standard Versimax blank sizes are available in ADDMA numbers D6, D12, D15, D18, D21, D24, D27, D30, D33, and D36.  They may also be tailor made with diameters of 23.0, 25.0, 30.0, and 35.0 mm.

Versimax can be attached to tungsten carbide or steel by furnace brazing. Tools can also be produced by press fitting, heat shrink fitting, adhesive bonding, or mechanical fixturing.



Grade Average Grain Size Applications  
Versirion™ (VRW5)

Fine Grain

Average 5 µm

  • Low carbon steel
  • Tire cord
  • Aluminum
  • Copper with higher surface finish requirement
Versirion™ (VRW10)

Medium Grain

Average 10 µm

  • Low carbon steel
  • Coated steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper with lower surface finish requirement

Coarse Grain

Average 20 µm

  • Bunching
  • Stranding
  • Wear application
  • Compacting
  • High pressure
  • High temperature

Your Hyperion sales person can offer their expertise in selecting the wire die product best suited to solve your needs.