Monocrystal Diamond

Hyperion metal bond micron diamond powder premium grade SJK-5 SEM

Hyperion Code: SJK-5

Application: Lapping

Description: A monocrystal diamond powder. Can be ordered as slurry with the diamond powder in a pure liquid vehicle or as a suspension with a stabilizer added to the liquid.

Hyperion Materials & Technologies manufactures man-made or synthetic diamond slurries and suspensions to suit your specific needs in lapping and polishing silicon carbide, sapphire, metals, and other materials.  



Tailored product - Step by Step


  1. (Select the diamond)
  2. Select the diamond size
  3. Select a concentration (light, medium, or heavy)
  4. Select the formulation (solubility)
  5. Select the container (type and size)



Diamond Size

Diamonds are avialable in 15 standard crystal sizes ranging from 0 to 70 microns (100,000 to 270 mesh)



  • Light - Suitable for finishing operations
  • Medium - Multipurpose choice
  • Heavy - Material removal



  • K285T - water soluble designed slurry or suspension
  • K400 - oil soluble designed for slurry or suspension
  • K450 - water and oil soluble (slurry only)
  • K1500 - water and oil soluble (slurry only)
  • LDP - liquid diamond powder


Package Types and Sizes

Slurry/Suspension Package Types and Sizes

Bottle (DMS) Pump/Spray Bottle (DMT)
125 ml 4 oz pump bottle
250 ml 8 oz spray bottle
500 ml  
1,000 ml  
1 gallon  
5 gallon bucket  


Your Hyperion sales person can offer their expertise in selecting the slurry or suspension best suited to solve your needs.