Hyperion® Diamond


Hyperion® diamond micron powders, slurries, suspensions, and compounds are comprised of unique, patented man-made or synthetic diamond crystals that provide improved performance over monocrystalline micron or polymicron diamonds.

The unique surface characteristics of the Hyperion diamond deliver remarkable material removal rates with the added benefit of an excellent surface finish. The Hyperion diamond comes in the form of powder or slurry and is idealy suited for semiconductor materials (i.e., sapphire, SiC, and silicon), metallographic applications, and fine finishing due to the distinctive micro-faceted diamond surface. This distinct surface provides small cutting points to drastically reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece.



The latest generation Hyperion diamond slurry formulations have been specifically designed to provide an economic solution for superior material removal rates while maintaining an acceptable surface finish. While the unique surface characteristics of the patented Hyperion crystal remain the backbone of the slurry, the chemical composition of the latest generation of slurries has been tailored to optimize performance. The latest generation of slurry formulations provides an excellent value proposition by lowering the overall cost of manufacturing through improved production rates and yield.

The exclusive properties of the patented Hyperion crystal combined with innovative water and oil based slurry formulations provide numerous product combinations to meet the stringent demands of the dynamic electronics market.


Hyperion® Diamond versus Monocrystalline Diamond

Hyperion® Diamond Micron Crystal

Monocrystalline Micron Diamond Crystal

Hyperion Diamond Micron Crystal Monocrystalline Micron Diamond Crystal


Visit our PDF Downloads section to download a leaflet for additional information, including material removal and surface roughness test results.

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