Power Skiving Blanks


Type: Power Skiving Blank

Dimensions: as per drawing/requested

Description: Power skiving blanks manufactured to custom dimensions in accordance with agreed solution. Cemented carbide grades and designs are tailored to each customer based on individual needs and requirements.

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Advances in machining centers have paved the way to a more productive process for producing internal gears and power skiving. Power skiving is a combination of hobbing and shaping operations.

The process is extremely fast and versatile, increasing the productivity in the gear manufacturing process. It also offers improved quality at a lower cost, gives better flexibility and quality than broaching, and is four to ten times more productive than shaping.

Hyperion manufactures power skiving and shaper cutter blanks. Customers will process the blanks into tools to utilize in the gear manufacturing industry.

Power skiving and shaper blanks are manufactured to fit each machine tool interface.


Solid carbide arbor mount


solid cemented carbide arbor mount


Solid carbide shank style

solid cemented carbide shank style

Carbide ring (to be fixed to steel adaptor)


cemented carbide ring

The power skiving operation requires robust tools to produce gears with high precision. Hyperion offers various near-net shape power skiving and shaper cutter blanks from industry-leading cemented tungsten carbide grades. Customers can finish them to the specification needed to machine gears. Hyperion's carbide grades significantly increase productivity and help customers get high-precision gears.

Your Hyperion salesperson can offer their expertise in selecting the gear hob blank and cemented carbide best suited to solve your needs.


Did you know you can recycle your cemented carbide with Hyperion?  Visit our recycling page or contact us for details.