SynMesh Diamonds

synmesh pds

Hyperion Series: PDS/MBH/RB 

Number of Products: 3 

Description: Synthetic monocrystalline mesh-sized diamonds built with a blend of raw materials stringently tested to ensure controlled parameters in particle sizes best suited for grinding, lapping, honing, sawing, and polishing applications. 

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SynMesh is a synthetic monocrystalline mesh-sized diamond product that consists of tightly defined products for all grinding, lapping, honing, sawing, and polishing applications. Each SynMesh product is built with a blend of raw materials, which has been stringently tested to ensure its characteristics are within controlled parameters in particle sizes and is available in a range of surface enhancements. 

Therefore, we are confident that the final product meets specifications and will do so every time we produce a batch generating complete quality assurance for us and our customers.  

At Hyperion Materials & Technologies, we focus on developing consistent tool performance with our mesh abrasive for all cutting tools. In addition, we have developed three diverse SynMesh products for specific metal, resin, and electroplated bonds. 


SynMesh PDS

Designed and manufactured for metal bond and electroplated tools, synmesh pds the SynMesh PDS is a range of diamond products developed for tools used in stone processing, civil engineering, oil & gas, and mining applications. 

SynMesh PDS grits are provided in sizes from 70/80 to 18/20 US mesh in a range of strength distributions. In addition, the grits are available with several coatings, including titanium carbide and nickel. 

SynMesh PDS table.jpg


SynMesh MBH

The Synmesh MBH offers a finer diamond product line for Hyperion symesh mbh Materials & Technologies, developed for both sintered and electroplated metal bond tools. Its comprehensive range of diamond shapes and strength is best suited for tools in stone processing, glass, ceramics, and precision industries. 

Depending on the particle strength, shape, and size required, the SynMesh MBH is available in sizes between 500/600 and 30/40 US mesh with several coating options, including titanium carbide and nickel. 

SynMesh MBH table.jpg


SynMesh RB Series

SynMesh RB series offers an effective option for resin bond tools synmesh rb containing many monocrystalline and multi-crystalline resin bond structures.  

Most frequently used in the clad version known as SynMesh RBP SN56, the RB series is excellent for fluting, grinding, and cutting applications where more friable grit is required. It provides superior accuracy and consistency and spans a range of 325/400 to 60/70 US mesh.  

  • SynMesh RB 300 Series is a blocky monocrystalline, faceted option with increased porosity and open structure. The RB 300 series products are used for stone polishing and steel/carbide combination materials with a superior surface finish.  
  • SynMesh RB 500 Series is a wide range of multi-crystalline materials with blocky, clustered crystals that contain porosity and surface features. It is commonly found as a workhorse for phenolic resin bond grinding, cermet, ceramic, and insert grinding. 
  • SynMesh RB 700 Series is a mixture of multi-crystalline and porous particles that offers a free-cutting product with good particle retention. It is commonly used for high stock removal, creep feed grinding, fluting, polyimide, and hybrid bonds. 


SynMesh RB table.jpg

This product line is an expansion of our Hyperion Materials & Technologies Ireland offerings helping you find the right fit for your tool application. Contact your local Hyperion salesperson for expertise in selecting the mesh diamond best suited to solve your needs. 

Hyperion also manufactures a range of micron CBN (CUBIC BORON NITRIDE) powders, CBN Mesh, micron diamond powders and high-quality mesh diamonds. 

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