Specialty Thick BZN®

Pre-form specialty thick-layered PCBN blanks that increase the productivity of endmill hardened materials while maintaining improved tool life.

Thick BZN is a specialty thick-layered PCBN sintered and bonded to a tungsten carbide substrate manufactured into endmills for machining hardened ferrous materials. Specifically designed to increase cutting speeds while extending tool life, Thick BZN is used in applications requiring optimized productivity and efficiency.

When it comes to milling hardened materials, such as tool steels and die steels, traditional cutting tools like carbide end mills often result in significant production interruptions due to repeated tool failure. The exceptional hardness and wear resistance properties of PCBN make it an ideal choice for milling when the goal is to increase productivity and reduce downtime.

Hyperion manufacturers specialty thick BZN in pre-form round blanks and cut tip parts, and it is sold as carbide-supported cylinders in a wide range of sizes from overall thicknesses ranging from 4.8 to 13mm and PCBN layers from 0.8 to 3mm.





Type: Full round or Cut Tips 

Number of Grades: 1 

Description: Pre-form specialty thick-layered PCBN grade manufactured into endmill hardened machining materials to improve tool life and production. A cutting service is also available as per individual request.