Compax2.0 SE Inserts - Full Round and Cut Tips

Hyperion polycrystalline diamond (PCD)

Type: Full Round/Cut Pieces

Number of grades: 1

Description: 58-mm diameter PCD round tool blanks with our new superior edge (SE) available with multiple polycrystalline diamond layer thicknesses. Cutting service also available as per individual request.


Hyperion Materials & Technologies has developed the next generation of our superior Compax® polycrystalline diamond (PCD) for machining nonferrous materials.  Compax2.0™ SE (Superior Edge) is a new PCD created specifically for milling where an extra sharp edge with superior toughness is critical.

Benefits of using Compax2.0 SE include:

  • Retains sharp cutting edge
  • Clean cuts leave behind mirror finish
  • Consistently meets high expectations.


Overall Thickness for Each Layer Option

Compax2.0 PCD Grade PCD Layer Thickness (mm)
0.2 - 0.45 0.3 - 0.65 0.5 - 0.85

1.6 - 3.2

1.6 - 3.2

1.6 - 3.2

Overall Thickness (±0.05 mm)

For additional convenience, we also offer cutting of the disc according to specification/drawing. Please visit our cutting service page or consult your local representative.


Visit our PDF Downloads to obtain additional information about Compax2.0 SE or contact your Hyperion salesperson, who can offer their expertise in selecting the Compax2.0 SE product best suited to solve your needs.


*PCD is manufactured from man-made (synthetic) diamond.