PM Compaction Press Tooling for Consistent, High Quality Parts

Compaction press tooling for powdered metallurgy requires engineering expertise and high-precision manufacturing to create effective pressed components. Dura-Metal Products Corporation, a vital part of Precision Solutions by Hyperion®, has over 50 years of experience developing the critical components to make effective PM compaction press tooling that meets the requirements of demanding components manufacturers.
PM Compaction Press Tooling


Consistent Quality for a Wide Range of Materials


Dura-Metal produces tooling and components made with cemented carbides, advanced technical ceramics, ferroalloys, and powder metal tool steels.  With expertise in PM Compaction tooling, Dura-Metal's processes ensure the highest quality from design to manufacturing stages. Beyond standard PM Compaction Press Tooling, Dura-Metal also works with a portfolio of quick-change precision tooling systems to meet any client requirement.


Manufacturing with a Solid Service Experience


Tooling manufacturers benefit when suppliers offer more than a quality product, but also provide a high level of customer support. Dura-Metal is backed by a global team that is ready to deliver reliable service, industry-best lead times, custom tooling designs, and multi-level press hardware and reconditioning. Learn more about how Dura-Metal can support your goals by downloading the introduction to Dura-Metal's approach to PM compaction press tooling.