Engineering design and support, after sales support, and maintenance services for rotary cutter solutions, extensions and tooling

Providing superior rotary cutting, slitting, and other cutting solutions is only part of the process. Hyperion Materials & Technologies also provides rotary cutter support services including technical engineering and design, manufacturing, after-sales support, maintenance, and carbide recycling services to customers with the goal of generating savings throughout the product life cycle.


Typ: Design & Support

Standort: am Standort/standortfern

Beschreibung: Eigenständige Technik-Service zur Fehlersuche und/oder Optimierung, um die Zuverlässigkeit oder Leistung zu erhöhen.

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Typ: After Sales Support

Ort: am Standort

Beschreibung: Eigenständiger Technik-Service, der darauf abzielt, die Leistung der von Hyperion bereitgestellten Lösung zu maximieren.


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Typ: Wartung

Lage: standortfern

Beschreibung: Durch Nachschärfen und Nachschleifen können unsere Kunden die Lebensdauer und Leistung ihrer Werkzeuge maximieren.


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Engineering Design Support

Hyperion works with customers to provide a high level of engineering design and manufacturing support. Leveraging materials science and engineering expertise, Hyperion product specialists support customers with the selection of appropriate materials, the respect of tight geometric tolerances, and the design of user-friendly rotary cutting unit.


After Sales Support

Hyperion’s team of cutting solution experts provide unrivaled after sales support and engineering services to ensure cutting units are properly installed and functioning with the converting process. This can include start up assistance, advanced training, on-site audits and technical support for solutions, manuals, and more.



Hyperion provides mainteance and re-sharpening services for rotary cutters and other cutter solutions at its maintenance centers in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Stringent quality standards ensure consistent quality for customers, regardless of where they may be located or which Hyperion maintenance center they utilize.



Hyperion can partner with customers to recycle most carbide materials. In addition to the environmental benefits, customers can reduce their obsolete stocks while at the same time create a source of income.