Ron Voigt
Chief Executive Officer

Brian Coate
Senior Vice President, General Counsel

Alexandra Kusoffsky
Senior Vice President, Hyperion Europe and General Manager, Carbide Powder

Rosemary Pitts
Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Marcy Ungar
Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Biju Varghese
Senior Vice President, Engineered Solutions und Research & Development

James West
Senior Vice President, Toolmaker Solutions

Jason Bertinetti
Vice President, Global Operations


Board of Directors


Jackie Acho
Präsidentin der Acho-Gruppe

Allison Aden
Executive Vice President und Chief Financial Officer, Cavco Industries

Arno Friedrichs
Gründer, AFC Hartmetall

Kevin Layne
Executive Berater, KKR

Michael Marn
Executive Berater, KKR

Robert Recer
Director, KKR

Ron Voigt
Chief Executive Officer, Hyperion Materials & Technologies

Josh Weisenbeck
Partner, KKR

Robert L. Wood
Partner, The McChrystal Group