Electrical and magnetic properties

Hyperion Materials & Technologies manufactures cemented carbides with a range of electrical and magnetic properties to solve your needs.


WC-Co cemented carbides have low resistivity and a typical value is 20 μWcm. Cemented carbides with g-phase have higher resistivities.



As a consequence of the low resistivity, WC-Co cemented carbides are good conductors, having a value around 10% of that of the copper standard. Alloying with g-phase forming carbides (e.g., titanium carbide) reduces this value considerably.

Due to the presence of cobalt (and nickel) in the binder phase, cemented carbides show ferromagnetic properties at room temperature.


Curie temperature

The transition of the cobalt binder phase from the ferromagnetic to the paramagnetic state occurs in a temperature range of ~950 to 1,050°C depending on the alloy composition.



Although WC-Co cemented carbides contain a ferromagnetic binder phase, they usually have low magnetic permeability. It increases with the cobalt content, and the typical range of values is 2 to ~12 when the vacuum value is equal to 1.