Medium coarse, coarse, and extra coarse grades

Medium coarse, coarse, and extra coarse grades from Hyperion
Cemented carbide grades with binder contents between 6 and 15 wt% and grain sizes above 3 μm are used in oil & gas and mining applications where resistance to high impact stresses and abrasive wear are required.

Coarse grades


In today’s competitive oil & gas drilling environment, the pursuit of faster, economical, and superior wells has conjured a host of technological advances.

However, in the end, it all comes down to the drilling bit. Cemented carbide is an ideal material for drilling inserts and carbide drill bits due to its high hardness, compressive strength, and thermal conductivity. Research and development within Hyperion has taken these properties and used innovative techniques to improve the toughness and impact resistance, while reducing the risk of thermal effects of the carbide drill bits during drilling.


Application of Hyperion's carbide grades in drilling


The variety of materials that Hyperion Materials & Technologies can supply provides coverage for a variety of application needs. In soft rock/heat generation formations, engineers typically select grades that are extra coarse with high binder content. These characteristics result in high fracture toughness and prolonged carbide drill bit life. Medium coarse grades with low binder content are generally used in drilling hard formations. This results in high hardness (better abrasion resistance) but low fracture toughness, ultimately having a higher penetration rate but increased likelihood for fracture.


Cemented carbide inserts and carbide drill bits for oil & gas and mining industries


Hyperion manufactures a wide variety of inserts and carbide drill bits used in rotary & percussion rockbits for oil & gas and mining industries. Extreme drilling conditions, whether rotary, percussion, or downhole, require unique solutions. Hyperion has the technology to supply the customers with inserts and carbide drill bits that perform every time.