Hyperion Materials & Technologies acquires Premium Diamond Solutions SA

8月 03, 2022
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WORTHINGTON, Ohio — Hyperion Materials & Technologies, a leading global materials science company that specializes in developing advanced hard and super-hard materials for a variety of industries and applications, today announced the acquisition of Premium Diamond Solutions SA, a company that sells synthetic and industrial diamond superabrasives.

Premium Diamond Solutions SA is a European distributor of diamond and cBN products, recently spun-off from Premium Diamond Selection SA, widely known in the industry as Predias. The transaction will expand Hyperion’s position as a leading global provider of synthetic diamond and cBN products, creating a larger and stronger organization that is better equipped to support global customers with an extensive portfolio of products and services across many industries, including stone & construction, general industrial, aerospace, electronics, medical & dental, and automotive.

“Premium Diamond Solutions is led by a dynamic team that provides first-class service and a wealth of knowledge in helping customers select optimal super-hard materials for a variety of applications,” said Ron Voigt, Chief Executive Officer of Hyperion. “Bringing their team into the Hyperion Materials & Technologies family enhances the value, reach and experience we can offer to customers around the world.”

Daniel Cascioli, Director of Premium Diamond Solutions, commented, “We have worked closely with our superabrasives supply partner NanoDiamond Products (NDP) over many years to provide our customers with the right products for their applications and excellent customer service. Following the acquisition of NDP by Hyperion, we are excited to also become part of the Hyperion family to further strengthen our value proposition. Joining Hyperion gives us the means to both expand our product portfolio and service, as well as ensure the longevity of the business that we have built to help our customers continue to get the best diamond and cBN solutions for their applications.”

The Premium Diamond Solutions team will continue to market and distribute its existing range of products while expanding its offering to include the full portfolio of Hyperion products.


About Hyperion Materials & Technologies

Hyperion Materials & Technologies, headquartered in Worthington, Ohio, USA, is a global leader in hard and super-hard materials with nearly 70 years of experience developing cemented carbide, diamond and cubic boron nitride technologies. Hyperion specializes in premium base materials, toolmaker components, engineered products, and process tools and solutions for the most demanding applications. With about 1,900 employees worldwide, Hyperion has its production footprint in North and South America, Europe and Asia, and sales in more than 70 countries.

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About Premium Diamond Solutions SA

Premium Diamond Solutions, based in Geneva, Switzerland, was established in 2022 from a demerger from Premium Diamond Selection SA (Predias), and retained the rights to the Predias brand. The company is a leading European distributor of abrasive materials, including industrial diamond and cubic boron nitride (cBN) products. Led by a seasoned management team, Premium Diamond Solutions SA has more than 50 years of combined experience selling and distributing synthetic diamond and cBN products to customers across Europe.