Standard Ready-to-Press Grades

Standard Ready-To-Press Carbide Powder Grades are engineered for production of cemented carbide tools, wear parts and other carbide components.

Carbide powder in standard, ready-to-press grades are high-quality carbide powders for cemented carbide manufacturers who are looking for industry leading lead times and lot size flexibility for a variety of applications. These carbide powder grades are optimal for manufacturing tooling for metal cutting, tooling for metal forming, wear parts mining, oil and gas applications, as well as for other general-purpose wear components.

As your carbide powder manufacturer, we will work with you to quickly choose the right material from our comprehensive offering of carbide powder grades. Our spherical ready-to-press carbide powder granules are highly uniform to ensure consistent flow and optimal compacting in your operations.

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Hyperion ready-to-press cemented carbide powder





Hyperion ready-to-press cemented carbide powder





Hyperion ready-to-press cemented carbide powder





Hyperion ready-to-press cemented carbide powder

Where is our carbide powder produced?


Hyperion Materials & Technologies produces carbide powders in standard, ready-to-press grades at our facilities in Grenoble, France and West Branch, Michigan, USA. Hyperion carbide powders are manufactured under strict quality control guidelines, eliminating cross-contamination and optimizing flow properties.

Premium quality granules are the key to enhancing your operational efficiency and producing quality cemented carbide products, and we are the market leader in premium powders. Hyperion's carbide powders are manufactured using our stable, secure supply chain of raw materials primarily from western sources. With our internal powder manufacturing capabilities we are able to provide standard grades of carbide powders at a competitive market rate.

Hyperion regularly develops and patents new cemented carbide grades with improved performance and leverages this knowledge to help you by developing the ready-to-press powder needed for your cemented carbide application.

Frequently Asked Questions about Standard Carbide Powder Grades

What is carbide powder?

Carbide powder is a ready-to-press raw material used by cemented carbide tool and wear components manufacturers to produce intermediate or finished tungsten carbide products.

What are carbide powders in standard, ready-to-press grades made of?

Carbide powder in standard, ready-to-press grades are made of different tungsten carbide powder types and a binder of cobalt or nickel, which are milled. Other additives can be either wax or PEG as an organic binder, and a solvent to produce a homogeneous slurry. This material is then dried using a spray tower, which produces uniform spherical RTP granules. The shape of these granules ensures optimal and consistent flow and compaction in your operations. The physical characteristics of the final sintered product can be controlled by adjusting the grain size of tungsten carbide used and the type and amount of additives included, such as chromium carbide, vanadium carbide, and cubic carbides.

How can I order standard ready-to-press carbide powder?

You can order our standard ready-to-press carbide powder through our customer portal. This portal is your 24/7 online access to the Hyperion ready-to-press offering. The intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy to search and find the powders you are looking for. Filter by the main application, hardnesses (HV30 & HRA), WC, Co or Ni percentages or by minimum order quantity.