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海博锐代码:BMP I/400/500

描述: 无镀层的微晶CBN粉末广泛用于精细研磨和用作PCBN原料。

海博锐代码:BMP II/TI/400N/550Ti




Micron cBN Powders Applications


As superabrasive material, micron cBN powders are added as a substrate at the end of a workpiece to improve the grinding and polishing performance of tools, such as saw blades, milling cutters, grinding wheels, honing stones, and other abrasive products.

Using micron cBN powders provides several advantages over traditional abrasive materials, including improved tool life, reduced tool wear, and improved cutting performance. With its exceptional hardness, heat resistance, chemical stability, and wear resistance, micron-sized cBN powders are an effective abrasive material for precision grinding and polishing applications in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and medical device manufacturing.


Micron cBN Powders Product Range


At Hyperion Materials & Technologies, we provide a wide range of micron cBN powders, from our Borazon family of cBN products to our cBNMic products.

Coated Borazon BMP Powders - Coated Borazon BMP Powders are Hyperion legacy monocrystalline powders designed to improve crystal retention in bond systems. Coated crystals present fewer putouts and improved thermal conductivity with enhanced surface integrity in grinding hardened alloy steels, tool steels, and nickel- and cobalt-based superalloys.

Uncoated Borazon BMP Powders - Uncoated Borazon BMP Powders are Hyperion legacy monocrystalline powders for mechanically held bond systems. As a result, crystals are subjected to more pullouts and less thermal dissipation.

CBNMic - CBNMic is a microcrystalline cubic boron nitride powder designed for specialized markets of lapping, honing, and polishing ferrous metals. Its advanced wear-resistant characteristics provide strong performances in thermal stability, self-sharpening ability, and grinding efficiency

Hyperion also manufactures a range of Mesh CBN, Micron Diamond Powders, and high-quality Mesh Diamonds.

Frequently Asked Questions about Micron CBN Powders

What are micron cBN powders and how are they different from other abrasive materials?

Micron cBN powders are microcrystalline synthetic cubic boron nitrides that provide unique characteristics in thermal stability, efficiency, and sharpness for ferrous materials used in resin, metal, and vitrified bond systems. In addition, they differ from other abrasive materials due to their high hardness and toughness, making them ideal for precision grinding and polishing operations.

What are some applications for micron cBN powders in the toolmaking industry?

Micron cBN powders are commonly found in grinding and polishing applications of tools, such as saw blades, milling cutters, grinding wheels, and honing stones. They provide exceptional thermal stability and hardness characteristics extending a tool's lifespan and effectiveness. As a result, it enhances tools created for the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries.

What is the difference between micron cBN and micron diamond?

Micron cBN differs from micron diamond because of its chemical composition, hardness, thermal stability, and chemical stability. CBN is less hard than diamond and less reactive to hot temperatures. Therefore, micron cBN powder is best used on super hard metals such as steel. Due to the higher thermal conductivity when cutting steel, there is less chance of burning or damaging the workpiece. However, use micron diamond to cut tempered glass, concrete, granite, or non-metallic material.

Can micron cBN powder be incorporated into slurries, compounds, or suspensions?

Micron cBN powders can be incorporated into slurries, compounds, and suspensions. The same is true for micron diamond powders. Typically, this material is used on wire saw applications.

What are the benefits of using micron cBN powders in toolmaking?

The benefits of using micron cBN powders include improved tool life, reduced tool wear, improved cutting performance, and resistance to wear and corrosion.

How does micron cBN improve tool life?

Due to its high hardness and toughness, micron cBN powders provide an extremely effective abrasive material that can hold its shape even under high stress and temperature conditions, resulting in longer tool life.