6 ways Submicron PCD Blanks Boost Wire Drawing Productivity for High-Strength Steel Cord Wires

With a heightened demand for the development of heavier vehicles such as electric vehicles and SUVs, tiremakers are constantly looking for ways to develop stronger, safer, and lighter tires. To achieve longer-lasting tires, tiremakers require high-tensile wires. High-tensile strength wires can be very difficult to draw consistently due to the stability and wear resistance needed throughout the wire drawing process.

Die Manufacturers Main Challenge?


Die manufacturers face the challenge of finding innovative materials to boost high-tensile wire production efficiently. In response, Hyperion offers a unique and emerging thermally stable submicron Compax polycrystalline diamond (PCD) option that can be used throughout the entire wire drawing process.

Thermally stable Compax PCD provides wire die manufacturers with several key factors that will allow their dies to improve the production of steel cords. By embracing this innovative material, manufacturers can meet the demands of the evolving automotive industry and pave the way for a more sustainable and efficient future in tire production.


Six Ways Submicron PCD Blanks Enhance Performance in Steel Cord Wires


This article explores six key factors that submicron thermally stable Compax PCD offers diemakers, aiming to assist in the development of better-performing dies over other materials. By downloading the article, you can uncover how submicron PCD has the potential to not only boost production for ultra-tensile wires but also help produce stronger, durable and ever-lasting steel cord wires to revolutionize the automotive industry. 


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