3 Steps to Supply Chain Security for Tool-Grade Tungsten Carbide Rods

The availability of carbide rod blanks plays a crucial role in meeting your customers’ delivery requirements for drills, endmills, reamers and other cutting tools. The ability to deliver and receive carbide rod blanks on time depends on a complicated global supply chain ecosystem, built on limited mining of natural resources, geographic and political considerations, and the ability and location of the manufacture and stocking of carbide rods.

To help mitigate these risks, toolmakers need to carefully evaluate their carbide rods suppliers' capabilities to ensure that they have a clear focus on their supply chain management from raw materials to delivery.  


In particular, there are three critical points that toolmakers can assess to define the stability, agility and safety of a supplier supply chain: 


  1. Understand the sourcing of tungsten
  2. Ensure local and/or regional production
  3. Know your local stock availability


This guide assesses the reasons why these three parameters are critical to reduce supply chain risks, deep diving on specific risks related to each of them. It then provides critical steps to consider when choosing a safe, secure and stable supplier, including key questions to ask when evaluating a carbide rod supplier for its ability to provide carbide rod blanks efficiently in this complex ecosystem. 


A stable and secure supply chain  for carbide rods


Download the guide “3 Steps to Supply Chain Security for Tool-Grade Tungsten Carbide Rods” to learn more about how partnering with a company like Hyperion Materials & Technologies can help you achieve a stable, secure chain for your carbide rods.  


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