Synthetic Mesh Diamonds

Synthetic mesh diamonds enhance sawing and grinding applications by providing uniform and consistent cutting surfaces to ensure precision, performance, and productivity.

Synthetic mesh diamonds are a superabrasive material that is the hardest in the world and provides abrasion resistance and uniform grain size and shape, which allows for the consistent cutting and grinding performance of tools. In addition, the hardness of the diamond will enable it to maintain its sharpness for much longer than other materials, meaning it can provide a longer tool life span before needing to be replaced.

Mesh diamonds are bonded onto a substrate such as a grinding wheel or saw blade to create a uniform, consistent cutting surface. Predominantly used in various manufacturing applications, mesh synthetic diamonds combine extreme hardness, uniformity, and consistency to cut and grind nonferrous materials such as metal, glass, and ceramics.

Our synthetic mesh diamonds are available in various sizes and shapes, ranging from coarse to fine, and are used for multiple applications.


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Product Groups

Hyperion Series: MBH 95/10

Number of products: 13

Description: Blended to meet toolmakers’ specific performance requirements for creating high-volume tooling across non-ferrous grinding material applications.


Hyperion Series: MBG 680/300

Number of products: 7

Description: Metal bond grinding diamond abrasives are tightly specified products designed for grinding wheels and workpieces to create high-quality tools for demanding non-ferrous workpiece applications with exceptional performance and consistency.


Hyperion Series: MBE

Number of products: 6

Description: Tailored mesh synthetic diamonds designed specifically for electronics applications. 

Hyperion MBE diamond SEM

Type: Metal Bond Synthetic Mesh Diamonds 

Description: MBS diamond abrasives with tightly controlled shapes and parameters provide precision superabrasives that create highly specialized tooling with ultimate consistency, uniquely tailored to application requirements. 


mbs_diamond abrasives

Type: Synthetic mesh diamond powder 

Description: PDS Diamond Abrasives are a versatile, multi-purpose superabrasive utilized in grinding, polishing and lapping workpieces to create high-performance tools for a wide variety of applications. 

Grinding_PDS Diamond

Hyperion Series: RVG 810/800

Number of products: 5

Description: Standard grade mesh synthetic diamonds designed for carbide, PCD, ceramic, and CERMET grinding.

Hyperion RVG 810D high friability diamond

Hyperion Series: RVG, RVG-2, and SPR 

Nunmber of products: 13

Description: Standard grade mesh synthetic diamonds designed for carbide, ceramic, and wet grinding.

Hyperion RVG D medium toughness and friability diamond

Hyperion Series: CSG and RB

Number of products: 5

Description: Standard grade mesh synthetic diamonds designed for carbide, PCD, and heavy duty grinding.

Hyperion  RVG RB-I high toughness diamond

Hyperion Series: PDS/MBH/RB 

Number of Products: 3 

Description: Synthetic monocrystalline mesh sized diamonds built with a blend of raw materials stringently tested to ensure controlled parameters in particle sizes best suited for grinding, lapping, honing, sawing, and polishing applications. 

synmesh pds

Synthetic Mesh Diamond Applications 


Synthetic mesh diamonds are often used in applications such as metalworking, woodworking, stone cutting, and automotive industries. They are known for their durability, precision, and consistency in performance, making them an effective abrasive to create a uniform cutting surface for high-precision cutting, grinding, and sawing tools.

In addition to the toolmaking industry, the construction industry uses mesh diamonds for cutting and grinding concrete, stone, and masonry materials. They are also commonly used in engineering for precision grinding and finishing metal components.


Synthetic Mesh Diamond Product Range


Our industrial synthetic mesh diamonds yield unmatched free-cutting properties, reduced diamond pull-outs, and maximum utilization of every crystal in the bond matrix. In addition, most of our mesh diamonds can be coated to protect the crystal from aggressive grinding conditions. These factors allow the diamonds offered in our mesh diamond product portfolio to provide high-quality performance for tools.

We offer MBS diamonds  for construction, MBG diamonds for glass, stone, and electronics, RVG diamonds for carbide and ceramics, and Synmesh diamonds for a wide variety of grinding, lapping, honing, sawing, and polishing applications.

At Hyperion Materials & Technologies, we develop synthetic mesh diamonds for various applications and solutions for stone, glass, ceramics, carbide, and electronics. Each Hyperion synthetic industrial diamond uses multiple sizes and strengths to produce different product performances.

Hyperion also manufactures a range of Mesh cBN, Micron cBN powders, and high-quality Micron diamond powders.

Frequently Asked Questions about Synthetic Mesh Diamond

What is synthetic mesh diamond?

Synthetic mesh diamond is a synthetic superabrasive material and the hardest material in the world. It provides exceptional abrasion resistance and comes in uniform grain sizes and shapes. It is bonded onto a substrate such as a grinding wheel or saw blade to create consistent cutting and grinding performance for tools.

Are synthetic mesh diamonds used on ferrous or nonferrous materials?

Synthetic mesh diamonds are mainly used in grinding and sawing nonferrous materials, such as metal, glass, and ceramics, to remove excess material from a workpiece to achieve a smooth surface finish. They are not typically used to grind ferrous materials because of the diamond's (carbon's) strong chemical affinity with iron, which causes excessive tool wear.

How are synthetic mesh diamonds different from other abrasive materials?

Synthetic mesh diamonds differ from other abrasive materials due to the tighter and more consistent interweaving or weaving of diamond particles, allowing for a more uniform abrasive action than larger diamond particles or other abrasive materials like sandpaper or abrasive stones.

What are synthetic mesh diamonds used for?

Synthetic mesh diamonds are used for cutting, grinding, sawing, and polishing various materials, such as metal, glass, ceramics, and concrete, by being bonded to saw blades, wire saws, drills, grinding wheels, grinding discs, and more.

What are the benefits of using synthetic mesh diamonds in toolmaking?

Synthetic mesh diamonds offer several benefits in toolmaking, such as superior hardness and wear resistance, exceptional thermal conductivity, low friction and lubricity, high electrical insulation, chemical inertness, and durability for a wide range of cutting, grinding, and polishing materials.

How do synthetic mesh diamonds improve productivity in the toolmaking industry?

Synthetic mesh diamonds improve productivity by allowing for faster, more precise cuts, grinds, and polishes, which can save time and effort in the manufacturing process and lead to increased productivity and cost savings.

Can synthetic mesh diamonds be used for cutting delicate materials?

Synthetic mesh diamonds are used for cutting delicate materials, but it depends on the size and coarseness of the mesh. Fine mesh diamonds can be used for gentle and precise cuts, while coarser mesh diamonds can be used for tougher cuts.

What industries commonly use synthetic mesh diamonds?

Synthetic mesh diamonds are commonly used in toolmaking, construction, engineering, aeronautics, automation, jewelry, and optical industries for cutting, grinding, and polishing various materials.