Quality, Environment, Health, and Safety Policy


Hyperion Materials & Technologies success is rooted in our customers’ satisfaction and in maintaining a safe, healthy, and environmentally sustainable workplace for our employees and associates.


At Hyperion Materials & Technologies, quality means that each person is responsible for the quality of their own work. Our products and services should be of such high and consistent quality that we always satisfy the stated and implied expectations of our customers, both internal and external. We will achieve this by being proactive and
taking preventative actions. We will take corrective action when nonconformance occurs.



Hyperion Materials & Technologies commits to reducing and minimizing the environmental impacts from its activities. To achieve this, we will develop and implement an environmental strategy that

  1. includes the efficient use of energy and natural resources
  2. promotes the reuse, recycling, and recovery of materials
  3. prevents pollution and other environmental harm.


Health & Safety

Hyperion Materials & Technologies strives to provide healthy and safe workplaces. We will continue to implement policies and procedures that reduce injuries and illnesses and promote the involvement our employees in health and well-being activities.


Continuous Improvements

Hyperion Materials & Technologies integrates quality, environment, health, and safety into our operations, and we will achieve continual improvement through promoting active, courageous, and visible leadership. QEHS targets will be incorporated in local plans and will be monitored to ensure they are implemented to completion. We will achieve continual improvements through management by objectives and establishing of best practice across the company.


Policy Douments

Below is our policy in a PDF/poster format in additional languages.